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Rehan Herbal Medicine



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Every one of us is familiar with sex; we understand what it is for and what it does in the normal sense. That much, we can say, is pretty obvious. But what is not obvious is that your sexual energy conceals the most amazing sex secret, in that, it is a doorway to absolute power.

Sexual energy is natural and belongs to nature, to procreation and to physical satisfaction. But at the same time there is within your sexual energy a mechanism that triggers the expansion of your entire being. It is, in effect, an evolutionary process.

Sexual energy, in itself, is a powerful force. This powerful force is the covert and secret key to the process of 'rapid' evolution. This sex secret is a key in that, it powers up the 'process' by supplying the essential fuel. The rapid 'evolutionary process' is the means by which you are able to gain access to the 'absolute power'. And as it presently stands it is a power normally unavailable to man.

" physical fitness - glowing health and stamina, beyond what is normally possessed, becomes possible. The result is a body free of toxins and poisons and a mega leap in your levels of energy. This is the result of a massive expansion of the life force. And be aware that the more life force you possess, the greater your ability to have, to do and to be.

It is a power of immeasurable practical use. All aspects of life undergo a dynamic and dramatic change. This power automatically transforms your entire body, mind and spirit. This means physically, mentally and spiritually. In other words, it increases your physical, mental and spiritual abilities and general sense of well-being.

As you may well imagine the value of the process is, in reality, beyond price.

Sex is one of the greatest gifts we enjoy as humans. It comes in a variety of forms-from the quick and meaningless to the sacred and blessed

Action of individual herb:

1. Musk deer: good nervine tonic, increases vigour and vitality.
2. Saffron: good tonic, cools the body including brain, induces strength, strengthens muscles, increases sexual power, and efficiency both. It is a best natural remedy.
3. Gold (purified): soothens nervous system and brain, vitaliser, increases sexual efficiency.
4. Mace improves libido

Hub-e-kastori is a magic herbal supplement of the new millennium. It is most stimulating, vitalizing and harmless herbal sex supplement for men. Hub-e-kastori rekindles passion and enhances the amount of libido. The tonic has been prepared with the essence of most precious natural herbs processed under unani discipline of medical science. There are no side effects of hub-e- kastori for better and early results.

The aphrodisiac effects of herbs included in hub-e-kastori starts on same day with first dose in 1-2 hours. It gives instant satisfaction as well as long-term overall benefits to your sexual health.

A tiny pill of hub-e-kastori has many magical effects. It is formulated with herbs specifically famous for treatment of poor erection, impotency, premature ejaculation, weakness and lack of confidence, low libido, erectile dysfunction and less sexual desire & performance.


Each tablet contains:
Musk deer 10 mg
Saffron 10mg
Cardamom 20mg
Mace 25mg
Nutmag 25mg
Bamboo nana 15mg
Gold (purified) 2mg
Silver (purified) 2mg

" premature ejaculation
" impotence
" low libido
" incomplete erection
" nocturnal emission
" spermatorrhoea.


1 tablets twice a day with one tablespoonful honey

Contraindications: none
Side effects: none
Dietary advice: avoid alcohol and caffeine. A low protein diet, free from eggs, may prove beneficial.

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30 Pills

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